Faking It 1×02 “Homecoming Out” Review

Emphasis on the ‘Coming out’



This week, it’s time for the homecoming dance. Setelah kejadian di eps minggu lalu, dimana Amy mencium Karma didepan anak anak murid Hester High, Amy realized that she liked the kiss a lot little.

The episode is as much about coming out as it is about homecoming, and we get three different parental reactions to the big news, Amy’s and Karma’s, which range from shock to denial


Amy belum memberitahu orang tuanya kalau dia dan Karma sudah menjadi “couple”, dia takut kalau orang tuanya tidak akan menerima dirinya kalau mereka tahu bahwa ia adalah seorang lesbian, berbeda dengan orang tua Karma, yang sangat senang saat mendengar bahwa Amy dan Karma ada sepasang kekasih.

Orang tua Karma sangatlah mendukung Karma dan Amy dalam hubungan mereka. They welcome Amy into their family, bring the girls tea and even offer to take Amy in if her parents kick her out when they learn of the relationship


Di eps ini ibu Amy mendapat tugas dari kantornya untuk meliput pasangan lesbian yang menjadi raja dan ratu di Homecoming di Hester High. Despite Amy’s best efforts to sabotage her mom’s coverage of the dance, the local news shows up for the interview with her mom behind the mic.

Berbeda dengan orang tua Karma, Reaksi ibu Amy sangatlah berbeda.. Her reaction is a panicked mumble of “Oh……uh…..you….. lesbian?” We’ve established that Amy’s family is ultra-conservative, so it might turn out to be a good thing that Karma’s parents are willing to take her in.

BONUS, Quotable Moments :

Lauren: Tickets, please.
Shane: Names of your dates?
Lauren: Ryan Gosling
Laila: Bradley Cooper
Lisbeth: Harrison Ford
Lauren: Lisbeth! Enough with your grandpa fetish, it’s gross

Shane : She’s so two dimensional, she’s practically a character on Glee

Shane: Let me hear you say it, Brenda
Brenda: I am better than carnations
Shane: Never forget it. Now how about a new floral plan by the end of the day?


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